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Deposit ProClasic

What is ProClasic deposit?

If you have certain amount of money that you do not intend to use during certain period of time, the ProClasic deposit may prove a profitable investment for you!

ProClasic deposit is a term deposit opened in MDL, USD and EUR, where you place certain amount of money for predefined period of time ranging from 12 months up to 36 months (3 years).









  • You will no support fee for opening and maintenance of deposit account;
  • You receive an attractive interest rate;
  • You have guaranteed profit, because of fixed interest rate applied during the whole term of deposit;
  • You may authorize one or more persons to have access to your saving account;
  • You can access money in your deposit account from any branch or agency of ProCredit Bank, regardless where you opened the account;


How does a ProClasic deposit work?

  • For opening a ProClasic deposit account you need only to present your ID card and to fill in the application form;
  • If in the future you plan to perform some money transfers or other banking operations (for example through VISA card or ProBanking system), then simultaneously a current account will be opened;
  • The minimum amount for opening a ProClasic deposit is: 50 000 lei, USD 2 500 or EUR 2 500;
  • In case the day of account closing, the client does not come to the bank, it will be automatically prolonged. This means that you choose the renewal of your deposit for the same maturity after it expires, without being necessary to come to the bank again;
  • The interest is calculated daily and will be paid monthly or at maturity;
  • You may authorize one or more persons to have access to your deposit account;
  • Once the deposit is initiated, it cannot be supplied with any amounts by further deposits or transfers. Withdrawing any amounts from the deposit automatically triggers its closure.


Interest rate is fixed:

Maturity MDL USD EUR
12 5.00%  1.50% 1.00%
24 5.00%  1.50% 1.00%
36 6.00%  1.75% 1.25%


More detailed information regarding the interest rates and the conditions for opening deposits and savings accounts you can find here.


Attention! In the case of early termination of the deposit agreement on deposit ProClassic, the bank does not pay the amount accrued interest at the time of termination. Other types of expenditure on the item specified in the tariff.

The interest rates for deposits are valid for amounts which are less than MDL 1 000,000 / USD 50,000 or EUR 50,000 cumulative per day, for 12 months. For amounts which are higher than these limits, the conditions for deposits are negotiated individually with the approval of the bank’s Management Board. For amounts higher than MDL 6,000,000, USD 600,000 or EUR 400,000 the conditions for deposits are negotiated individually after the additional research performed by the Risk Management Department.

Deposits are guaranteed according to Law on guaranteeing deposits of private individuals in the banking system No. 575-XV of 26.12.2003